About Us

A Trusted Partner in Architecture, Construction, and Development Consulting in Indonesia

PT DECK is a long-established contracting company in Indonesia, with more than 25 years of experiences, offering comprehensive services in architecture, construction, and development consulting. With high dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, PT DECK has become the first choice for many building, residential, and other construction projects throughout Indonesia.


Since its establishment, PT DECK has been committed to providing the best services in the construction and architecture sector. The company’s vision is to become a leader in the industry by providing innovative and sustainable solutions that meet client’s needs. Through a professional approach and high integrity, PT DECK aims to continue to grow and contribute to infrastructure development in Indonesia.


PT DECK's team of architects consists of experienced professionals who are capable of producing aesthetically pleasing, functional, and efficient designs.


As the main contractor, PT DECK handles the entire construction process from start to finish.


PT DECK also offers consulting services that help clients plan and execute building projects more effectively.